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Hello and welcome to my Persian Cattery. I hope you enjoy your stay.

I show under CFA "Cat Fanciers Association". My goal as a Persian Cat Breeder is to produce healthy and loving Persian & Exotic cats and kittens. I do my best to provide all the proper love, care, and attention that my Persian Cats need to make a smooth transition from my home to yours.

What is the most important to me is the health and well being of my
Persian cats and kittens. I want my cats and kittens to go to loving homes. I, as a cattery person keep a small amount of breeder's and breeding down to an amount that is manageable for me. All my cats get a bath at least once per month. The show cats get a bath at least once per week while being shown. It is very important if you own a Persian or any other breed of cat that you take proper care of your animals. Persians have long hair and need attention of combing and brushing at least once per week. The best time to do this is when the cat is sitting in your lap enjoying your company when you might be watching TV. My cattery is in my Tennessee basement. My studs have their own 3 tier condos to allow them plenty of room to roam. I also have a room that I use for breeding and grooming exclusively. The Sire and Dam are put into this room to breed so they have plenty of space to move around in. I take special care to ensure that all breeding's are planned, there are no accidental breeding's.I currently have four studs and twelve Dams, and primarily breed Bi-Colors. I am now doing the Exotics in a smaller way then the Persians. I have a Black & White girl from the Diehl Cattery. I also have a Cameo Tabby& White and her daughter who is a Red Tabby and White both of these girls are of my breeding. The Exotic Cats are just as loving and sweet as the long hair. The thing that I like most about the Exotic when compared to the long haired Persian is you don't have to groom them quite as much so there is not quite so much shedding and cat hair floating around. I am a PKD negative cattery and all kittens are guaranteed healthy and receive their immunizations before they leave my cattery. I don't sell kittens that are less than ten weeks of age. I hope you enjoy my cattery. Be sure to check back frequently, as our page will be updated from time to time. I will do my best to answer all emails that I receive as quickly as possible. Please visit my links page.

Please sign my guest book. Thanks for visiting! E-Mail worrall37122@yahoo.com

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